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Fun Facts About Our President-Elect:

Hat tip to T who found this in the comments secton of an unrelated page (about CNN promising us more holograms, no less) I linked him to:

"I just took a little quiz on aol, and I learned that Barack Obama is only the fourth sitting senator to ever be elected president. The other three were James Garfield, Warren Harding and JFK.


Garfield and JFK were assassinated, and Harding died of a heart attack."

Now, while I wouldn't wish harm (and especially not death) on anyone, I would find it endlessly amusing if Obama died of natual causes in the White House after all the talk about McCain's age. Slightly less amusing? Assassination. Anyway, best of luck breaking the trend!

Oh, and here's a video about what's become of Obama supporters:

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Special Bonus: Barack's Pop-Culture Favorites! For the record, I totally agree with him about Jeff Bridges in The Contender, which, coincidentally enough, is about a president selecting the first woman VP after his original VP dies in office.
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