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Taco Week Playoff Predictions!

Well, it's been an interesting Taco Week already. If you haven't already seen, feel free to check out my videos of the opening day of Taco Week on facebook. Still, I've really been itching to do my annual Taco Week Baseball Playoff Picks and with the AL Central division finally decided (what a game!), I can do that now.

Here is my historical record*:

2002 - Right!
2003 - Right!

2004 - Wrong!
2005 - Wrong!
2007 - Wrong!

And now my picks for 2008...

American League
Los Angeles (of Anaheim) over the Red Sox in 4 games.
Tampa Bay over the White Sox in 4 games.

Los Angeles (of Anaheim) over the Rays in 6 Games.

National League
Milwaukee over the Phillies in 5 games.
Chicago over the Dodgers in 3 games.

Chicago over the Brewers in 7 games.

The World Series
Los Angeles (of Anaheim) over the Cubs in 7 games.

World Series MVP: Torii Hunter.

*Right/Wrong determined by picking correct World Series winning team.
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