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Taco Week Begins Tragically!

On Saturday night, T, his friend Craig, and I all tried to construct a system of shorthand by which we could easily track every shot in beirut games (and we actually did pretty well) so that we could later convert this information into useful and interesting statistics (and perhaps eventually maintain some sort of ridiculous "Beirut League").

In any case, after this study, I was feeling a bit drunk and thought that if I made an attempt to drive I might crash my car. So, as responsible as I am, I decided to leave my car parked out on the road in front of T's house and spend the night at his place. Imagine my surprise when the next morning I woke up to find the back tires, rear axle, and driver's side mirror of my car destroyed and the driver's side dented and scratched. T's neighbor had hit it while "trying to change the song on his iPod."

Long story short, his insurance is paying (obviously), the car's been towed to a shop, and I'm driving my mommy's Camry. But clearly the lesson here is: it's safer to drive your car home drunk than to sleep it off at someone else's house.

Anyway, the other news is that it's now officially Taco Week -- all week. So you have till Saturday to indulge in this week-long celebration designed to encourage the appreciation and consumption of tacos.

Happy Taco Week!

(P.S. As is my custom, my playoff predictions for baseball are meant to be included with my annual Taco Week post, but since the Rockies and Padres have to play one extra game to determine the NL Wild Card, I'll make those predictions tomorrow. Also, maybe I'll have pictures of my broken car to show you! Hooray!)
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