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Hey! WHAT?! Listen:

If I were a different person, I might be embarrassed to tell you that lately I've become obsessed with Madonna's "True Blue" and that it has led me to developing my third officially endorsed fantasy. But, I'm not a different person, and that is exactly what has happened. Now, imagine this scene:

Stephen (that's me), complete with a person of his own (hey, it's a fantasy!) is lying in bed, near ready to sleep, when said person comes into the bedroom and either lipsyncs or (if she has the ability) sings Madonna's "True Blue" and also does all the silly choreography. (And ideally is dressed in something that is sexy and cute, but more cute -- like a little baby doll or a short robe.) In my mind, this would be a great way to say "I love you" for the first time (though if that's the goal you really have to add the confirmation "I love you" after the song ends) or just cheer up your person after a long day. But if it could be done randomly, without warning, and completely surprise someone -- my god, it just would be fantastic.

It's a rare thing for someone to get to be funny, sexy, and sweet all at once, but I think this would qualify. Is there a girl who would ever do this? I have no idea. But in case you're ever in a scenario where you might need to know that I would absolutlely melt if I ever witnessed this, well, now you know.

(Incidentally, this whole thing has made me like Madonna a bit more now that I've read that she doesn't perform this at concerts anymore because the song was dedicated to her then-husband, Sean Penn.)

In other news, I had my first crisis of faith in about 10 years last week and I'm pretty sure it was all Kirk Cameron's fault. I feel a bit odd saying "crisis of faith" because I haven't been particularly religious in, well, uh, about 10 years, but that's probably the best way to describe it. I think I need to do a little research on science's views and theories on infinite existence. In any case, if you have an hour to kill and like science vs religion debates, maybe you should check this out. The Science Team is a bit unprofessional and the Christian Team starts using the Bible to support its side, but it was still interesting.

In entertainment news, for reasons that'll be perfectly obvious to some, I've recently added the movie Valkyrie to my official watch list. Bryan Singer is directing and Tom Cruise is starring in this movie about a German official's plot and attempt to assassinate Hitler during WWII. Was he successful? You'll have to wait for the movie to find out! Anyway, Germany was giving the filmmakers shit because Tom Cruise is a Scientologist, but I think everything has been worked out and production is a go again. So, that'll be fun to see next year.

And lastly, tomorrow I'll be taking a half day at work so I can go to Alton's wedding/Independence Day party where I will likely know no one except the bride. I've spent some portion of today wondering if it's going to be one of the more depressing days of my life. I haven't exactly been proud of some of Alton's lifestyle choices (though in fairness, would she be proud of anything I've done?) and historically I've never been a big fan of her taste in men. (Here are my thoughts on her fiancé who I met once, almost exactly five years ago.) I have a feeling that I'm just going to think the whole thing sad on multiple levels.

But you never know. Maybe I'll like Adam more than I remember, maybe I'll have a great time, maybe I'll make new friends -- maybe, just maybe, I'll meet a girl who will one day sing me what is clearly Madonna's greatest song...

I'll let you know.
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