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School is not Safe

I have to admit, I'm sort of impressed with the (alleged) Asian dude who did this. After Columbine, I made claims that I could have killed a lot more people than those two managed. But now this guy holds the all-time record and I'm not positive that I could top him. I mean, if you're that serious about randomly killing people, sit down, do some planning, and form a strategy before your killing spree. It's all about the numbers, and in that way, I guess it sort of makes sense that an Asian dude is at the helm (racist stereotype alert!), since the stats are always saying that the average Asian is better at math than the average American. Anyway, good work, dude. Though I would never have killed myself. You gotta see where this sort of thing leads and give interviews.

I, for one, am desperately hoping that this all was somehow inspired by this SNL Digital Short, which I find hilarious (the best since the Portman Rap), but I am also sort of surprised hasn't caused an uproar for making light of generally reckless murder. I would love it if they found he was listening to an iPod with that Imogen Heap song on repeat, especially since I've heard rumors he was after his ex-girlfriend. I wonder if it'll get pulled down off sites and/or an apology from NBC after this shooting at Virginia Tech.

Anyway, that song is going to be stuck in my head for like the next week at least.
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