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"He said it was like going home."

I know I'm sort of late to the game on this one, but doesn't David Foster Wallace's suicide somewhat invalidate the point of his 2005 commencement speech? Or at least prove that he couldn't take his own advice? I mean, what good does it do to remind yourself that "this is water" if you're doing it while you're drowning?

I've always liked the message from that speech (I even made it into an AIM away message -- so you know I took it seriously) but in essence his suicide has proved the opposite point. That for some of us, this reminder is not enough, that some of us are not meant to live in this world and can't breathe underwater. Our choices are to occasionally come up for air, let ourselves drown, or go out on our own terms.

David Foster Wallace made his choice. I wish I could say I wasn't disappointed.
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