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Purple Corduroy Delight

Alton's wedding went better than I expected. They did this strange ceremony where they wore swimsuits and got married on a dock overlooking a lake. After they officially said their "I Do"s, they set off the fireworks that Adam is known for. It probably sounds a bit tacky that they basically got married at a cookout, but it also led to some fun cheering and laughter that was enjoyable. Still, it's probably the strangest wedding I've ever been to (of which I've been to two -- and the other was quite normal).

I did like Adam more than I remembered (and his fireworks show was impressive too) though I didn't spend much time with him at all. I actually spent more time with his mom, which was interesting. I knew essentially no one besides Alton, until his mom ended up taking me around and introducing me to everyone (whether she knew them herself or not). Later on, I was drinking buddies with Alton's dad and found out that he does a lot of business with the company I work for. So, if I ever get a promotion to a real position at Sager, I'll have a contact to help make myself look good.

After chilling with the father of the bride and mother of the groom, I met a girl wearing purple corduroys. After introducing myself, my first words to her were, "Nice pants." She rolled her own cigarettes and took breaks to listen to her iPod and was just a bit of a goof. I liked her immediately. I spent a lot of the next few hours vying for her attention. We drank beers and talked and watched the fireworks and listened to music. Later that night, I would find out that she's good friends with Lacey. Maybe this will turn out to be something worth pursuing...
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