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Important Screen Name Information

I'm finally officially making the change of screen names from SteveWentCrazy to StephenH2OMan because having two screen names is often too confusing. ("No one can live at that speed!")


• If you know me on SteveWentCrazy, please update your buddy list accordingly. I should now only be listed as StephenH2OMan.

• If you have both of my screen names listed, feel free to remove SteveWentCrazy. This screen name will no longer be considered active.

• If you already only know me on StephenH2OMan, you are ahead of the game and please disregard all the above information.
AIM status StephenH2OMan (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Uh, that's all... Thanks... San Dimas High School football rules!
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